First participation: 2004 Championship – came out of the quarter-finals.

Second participation: 2005 Championship – reached the final and lost to Jordanian Faisali.

Third participation: 2006 Championship – came out of the semi-finals.

Fourth participation: 2007 Championship – came out of the semi-finals.

Fifth participation: 2010 championship – came out of the first, or league round.

Sixth participation: 2014 championship – came out of the 16th round as a result of a penalty shootout by Iraqi Arbil after a 0-0 draw in the original and extra time.

Seventh participation: 2015 championship – came out of the first, or league round.

The result of the seven participations has been as follwed: Nejmeh reached the final once; semi-final – twice; quarter-final – once; exited from 16th round once and from first round twice. With the 2010 participation, in which Nejmeh exited from the first round, the team was in a iron group, the two teams qualifying for the group being the Kuwaiti Qadisiyah and Syrian Ittihad, which made their way through the final of the tournament, ultimately won by the Syrian Ittihad.

Despite the difficulty of the group tournament, NEJMEH SC competed strongly within the group led by the Kuwaiti Qadisiyah, tying with the Syrian Itihad in points, yet surpassing it in goal difference. However, the qualification went to the Itihad, surpassing Nejmeh SC by one goal in direct confrontation.

In the previous seven appearances, NEJMEH SC has played 55 games, winning in 28 ( 51% of the total), tying in 10 (18%) and losing in 17 games (31%).

NEJMEH SC has scored 84 goals in six games, averaging 1.6 goals per game and entered the goal 61 times, an average of 1.2 goals per game. The top scorers in those tournaments were as follows:

  • Mohamed Ghadar: 17 goals
  • Ali Nasereddin: 13 goals
  • Abbas Atwi: 9 goals
  • Musa Hjej and Mohammed Kassas: 4 goals each
  • Akram Moghrabi: 5 goals
  • Makete Diop: 4 goals
  • Ali Wassef: 3 goals
  • Bilal Sheikh Najarin and Khalid Diet: two goals each.

Nine players have scored one goal each: Errol McFarlane, Ali Yaqub, Ivanovic, Osman Savani, Emmanuel Du, Evandro Ramos, Ante Melas, Milan Yogonovic, Yayiii Sisi.

Nejmeh’s worst participation was in 2015, when it finished fourth and came out of the group league, having scored 4 goals, received 12 goals and collected one single point.

NEJMEH SC came out of the 16th round on penalties by Iraqi Arbil after a tie with the original and extra time 0-0