Following the example of neighborhood teams, an ambitious young man by the name of Anis Radwan laid the first brick of his football career folowing Lebanon’s independence in 1943. Together with a group of neighborhood comrades and old schoolmates, he set up a football team on a small lot of land planted with cactus trees. The team consisted of the following players:

– Anis Radwan

– Badie Al-Daroub

– Hasan Al-Daroub

– Ibrahim Radwan

– Salim Radwan

– Tawfiq Al-Mayasi

– Amin Munther

– Munir Radwan

– Yahya Al-Daroub.

The team began to challenge local teams in the Hamra and Jal Al Bahr districts of town, the most important of which being “Al-Nesr” and “Al-Taawon”. The latter teams included the following players:


– Kamal Shatila

– Mohammed Al-Sidani

– Safi Attar

– Afif Shatila

– Mustafa Al-Daouq

– Adnan Sidani

– Sabaa Sidani

– Hassan Wehbe

– Wahib Qraimli

– Salah Ghalayini

– Zakariah Shehab, goal keeper.


– Salim Slayt

– Abdullah Marroush

– Victor Ramah

– Ibrahim Al Oud

– Ibrahim Al Halabi

– Shafiq Al-Sha’ar.


In one of the challenge rounds between the Nejmeh (formerly Radwan) and Al-Taawon teams, the former scored its first triumph, as a condition of which all players of the defeated team were to join the winning team. As a result, the following senior players joined the club:

  • Hasan Taqoush
  • Hassan Yammout
  • Abdul Khaliq Abdul Khaliq
  • Shafiq Al Shaar
  • Victor Ramah
  • Safi Attar
  • Mostafa Al Daouk
  • Ali Al Sidani
  • Kamal Shatila.

Kamal Shatila, who lived through all the stages of that period, affirms that the direct reason for joining was the desire of most players to be under the banner of an organized official team belonging to the Foorball Union.

It is noteworthy that Noureddine Hamada, who was a player in the Nesr team, moved with many of his teammates into the Nejmeh team, later becoming one of its founders and its first secretary.


The Choice of the Name:

On the October 11, a night meeting was held at Anis Radwan’s house to discuss the affairs of the small team, after the latter had become famous for having a distinguished elite of players in its ranks. The sky was clear. Looking at its glamorous stars, Radwan decided to call the team Al-Nejmeh (The Star), given the constellation of the latter’s players. Since then, the team has come to be known by the name.

On April 28, 1947, the club obtained a license under Notice of Recognition No. 1291 which stated:
The Minister of the Interior
– Based on Decree No. 7686, dated December 14, 1946
– Upon the request of the founders of the association called Nejmeh SC in Beirut, dated March 4, 1947
– Based on Decree No. 2437, dated December 7, 1944
– Upon the approval of the Ministry of National Education, a notice of recognition is hereby given to the association called: Nejmeh SC, based in Beirut

Sports goal: playing football

Board of Directors:

  • Noor Eddin Abdel Razzaq Hamada
  • Anis Ismail Radwan
  • Yahya Hammoud Al-Daroub
  • Salah Othman Snow
  • Amin Nassib Munther

Representative of the Association before the Government: Mr. Ismail Radwan 

Beirut, April 28, 1947

Signed: Sabri Hamade – Ministry of Interior